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Retro Video Games Mini Homes 2 Enamel Pins (Bundle of 6)

Retro Video Games Mini Homes 2 Enamel Pins (Bundle of 6)

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Revive your nostalgia with these classic retro Nintendo game enamel pins! Playing the gameboy after school with my friends - these were my favorite memories - do they bring back any for you too?

Display these pins in your home or on your clothes, or get it as a gift for a gamer or pin collecting friend! These enamel pins come in 6 different designs:


Who didn't start their journey from Pallet Town? I designed this pin based on my old nostalgic pkmn feels ~ the Pallet Town pin design features Ash & Pika in front of Ash's house in Pallet Town!


Perfect for all ghost pkmn aficionados ~ the Spooky Circus enamel pin design features Gengar as a circus master with Mimikyu and Drifloon as star performers! What cheeky tricks and stunts will they show?


Its A Me, Mario! Perfect for all Mario fans ~ this retro video game enamel pin features our favorite Italian plumber in his original 8-bit form, with a Yoshi egg and the iconic gameboy background!


Make a wish on shooting star with Celeste! Featuring Celeste in an Astronomy room design.


"Hello! ...hello! Welcome to Nook's Cranny!" Timmy and Tommy are here to help you at Nook's Cranny! Featuring these adorable baby raccoons in their shop with the iconic froggy chair.


Perfect for all Kirby lovers and artists alike! This pin features our favorite pink blob as an artist in his room.

Pin details

- 2" | 5cm tall

- Raised backstamp for authenticity

- Gold-plated hard enamel finish / dyed metal + epoxy finish for Kirby and Spooky Circus

The pins come in 2 variants:

1) OG - in its full color glory

2) GB/pastel - old school gameboy color or in a soft pastel color palette

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