Guide to making your first enamel pins

Hi, I'm Calandra, the artist behind Atelier Eumori. So a little background about myself - I make functional and adorable accessories and merch based on my art and I’ve produced over 8000 enamel pins so far. Most recently I concluded a very successful interactive enamel pin Kickstarter! I’ve gotten quite a few queries ever since my social battery pin went viral on how to make an enamel pin.

But what exactly are enamel pins? They're these amazing little treasures that can jazz up your bags, jackets, collars, or lanyards. You can even collect and display them proudly!

Why make enamel pins, you ask? They're small, cute, and they allow us artists to showcase our creativity in a unique, wearable way. It's like bringing your art to life!

So, are you ready to embark on your enamel pin-making journey? If you're facing any challenges along the way, consider enrolling in our Enamel Pin Crash Course! It's the key to saving time, money, and it is a quick crash course jam packed with information I’ve gleaned through years of experience. As a bonus, you'll also receive an exclusive enamel pin specification template to streamline your process.

The course is a beginner course for aspiring artists eager to bring your creative vision to life through enamel pins. If you find yourself facing any of these challenges:

  1. Unsure about what to design.
  2. Struggling to draft precise design specifications for your enamel pins.
  3. Desiring your pins to match your original vision.
  4. Wary of falling victim to manufacturer scams.
  5. Interested in learning how to grade pins effectively.
  6. Determined to avoid costly pitfalls.

...then the course is for you.

Get started on making your very first enamel pin right now!


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