Enamel Pin Grading

Grading Scale for Enamel Pins

There are steps within the enamel pin manufacturing process which are done by humans. This includes enamel filling, adding of glitter & epoxy and polishing. Hence the quality of the pins will be variable. 

Currently, there is no standard grading system so each artist grades their enamel pins differently. So to clear the confusion, here's how I grade my pins:

I grade them by looking at the pins under light, at arm's length, and separate them into 2 categories - 'A' and 'B' grades. I only look at the front of the pin. The sides are slightly scrutinized and the back of the pin is not considered in the grading. 

'A' Grade Enamel Pins

  • For serious collectors who want the best pins for display.
  • Hard Enamel Finish:  These pins have no or extremely minor faults and are close to perfect.
  • Soft Enamel Finish + Epoxy Coating: These pins have little or minor bubbling with some overflow at narrow edges.

'B' Grade Enamel Pins (Discounted)

  • For shoppers on a budget or looking for a pin to put on a jacket or a bag. Still highly wearable and collectible.
  • Hard Enamel Finish: These pins have minor imperfections e.g. scuffs on metal, tarnished edges, small dust specks, tiny underfilled enamel spots etc.
  • Soft Enamel Finish + Epoxy Coating:  These pins have more noticeable bubbles or bubbles on the main character. 

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