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Atelier Eumori

The Original Social Battery Sliding Enamel Pin

The Original Social Battery Sliding Enamel Pin

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From the small artist that sparked the viral Tiktok and Instagram videos - the Original Social Battery pin!

The idea of the Social Battery Pin came about after a long day of work where I was way too drained to talk to anyone. Slide the power symbol left and right across the bar to indicate your social energy levels! Perfect for introverts or on days you are simply too tired to talk. Each bar also comes with a emoji face - no chances of miscommunication here.

Each Original Social Battery pin order comes with an authenticity card and serial number. Authentic pins can only be bought from my website or through my stockists. Any aftersales service will only be rendered with the authenticity card.

The Original Social Battery pins are made of high quality materials and are beautifully gold-plated. Comes in Black, White, Grayscale, Pastel, Vaporwave color variants, and the option of a pin back or magnet back - you can now attach the pin to any metal surface like your fridge or use another magnet to attach it to your clothes so they don't get holes in them!

- 2" | 5cm width
- Hard enamel, gold plated
- 2 rubber clutches on the back (for pin back)
- Raised backstamp with my logo for authenticity

Prefer a regular battery bar without emoji faces? Check out Version 2!

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